Companions thank you for your attendance at the Annual Convocation of our District.

On behalf of the District I extend a cordial word of welcome to the Grand Superintendent of the Central Division, Most Excellent Companion van Vuuren, Most Excellent Companion Roberts and Excellent Companion Jordan, from Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Immediate Past Grand Superintendent of the Eastern Division, Most Excellent Companion Malan.

Sirs –thank you for attending our proceedings today. Companions in our approach to Royal Arch Masonry and masonry in general the question which confronts us is: “IS MASONRY A RACE IN WHICH SPRINT AT TOP SPEED OR IS IT A MARATHON??” A friend and a colleague of mine decided at the age of fifty to fulfil a life-long dream by participating in a marathon.
-He spent two years in training and at times resisted the temptation to give up.
-He managed to complete the race in four hours, forty-four minutes and seventeen seconds.
-He managed to fulfil his dream and participate in the race.

I remind you of where and when it all began. We applied to be exalted into Royal Arch Masonry. Companions spoke highly of this aspect of masonry. We were then admitted in due form. The ceremony was impressive and marked a further advance in our Masonic career. But, the temptation to sprint at top speed on our journey soon left us exhausted because we were not running to cover a short distance we signed up for the proverbial “long haul”.
-Thus, we find ourselves masonically exhausted –“over-committed”.
-Chapter convocations become a burden rather than a joy. You remember those circus performances where the performer balances plates on a pole and then runs from one pole to another to rouse any plate from losing momentum.
-We are often so busy running from one Masonic commitment to another that we do not grant ourselves the time to appreciate the content of the ritual. In the charge to the robes the installing companion reminds us that perfection is not given to man, perfect holiness belongs to the LORD.
-The True and Living God Most High expects progress from us, not perfection. As we face the road ahead remember that as we knelt down to take a solemn obligation we embarked on one of the most challenging, inspiring and rewarding journeys of our Masonic careers.